Local Business Sidewalk Sales

Photo credit: Bruce Adams
Photo credit: Bruce Adams

If you are interested in selling items outside of your place of business or somewhere in the Main Street area, please fill out this Sidewalk Sales Permit Application – by August 31.

As in the past, if you intend to sell any food items, you must obtain a Vendors Temporary Food Service Permit no later than August 31. You are responsible for following the proper procedures and guidelines and ask that you follow these directions as the Health Department has become vigilant in its enforcement of local events. Upon approval of your application, a permit will be issued. Persons waiting until the last couple of weeks to complete the application delays the process for all participants and creates unnecessary burdens on the committee. There has been no fee increase this year but fees will be doubled for late applications (after August 31st).

Permit Application Fee:

Non-Food Permit: $50
Deli/Food-only Permit: $150
Restaurants/Licensed Liquor Establishments: $250

Note: Fees are doubled after August 31


These regulations, approved by the Northport Board of Trustees, must be strictly adhered to. Those who disregard these regulations may be made to cease outdoor selling, excluded from future participation and issued a summons by the Police.

  1. Only those businesses which own and operate a daily business in the Incorporated Village of Northport on a continual basis and have been in operation not less than thirty (30) days prior to Great Cow Harbor Day.
  2. Only one large sales table (or two, depending upon store frontage) may be set up, leaving room clear from the curb for pedestrians. No merchandise or display is permitted in the street.
  3. Your area must be kept as clean as possible during the day and the sale-table/rack should be clean and free of unsightly items.
  4. Do not block entrances to the stores, apartments, alleyways or other right of ways.
  5. Do not overlap your neighbor’s selling space. NO sales or merchandise in the street is permitted.
  6. If your neighbor appears unfamiliar or suspicious, contact a Main Street Sales Chair or the Northport Police at 261-7500.
  7. ALL SELLING MUST STOP AT 5 P.M. SHARP!!! Clean your area and bag all trash.
  8. Food sales may only be done by stores which normally sell food. Cooking on the sidewalk or street is prohibited. Food which is sold must be prepared elsewhere and conform to Suffolk County Health Department Regulations. As in the past, if you intend to sell any food items, you must obtain a Vendors Temporary Food Service Permit no later than August 31. This deadline is absolute. If an application to sell food arrives later than this date you will not be permitted to sell.
  9. Absolutely no alcoholic beverages may be sold or served except by NYS licensed establishments and same may not be consumed on any public sidewalk or street.
  10. No outside vendors will be permitted to sell, including friends of store owners or rentals for the day. All merchandise sold outside must be from regular stock which is normally sold. Business owners may not sell outside without a permit.
  11. Main Street Merchants please note: If you do not purchase a permit for the space in front of your store, the space might be assigned to a non-Main Street merchant, as space is needed.

The Great Cow Harbor Day Committee has been empowered by the Northport Village Board of Trustees to request the removal of any item(s) deemed unsuitable for sale and to revoke the selling permit of any seller who violates these rules and regulations.

Sidewalk Sales Permit Application. Please select the form you wish to register for below:

Questions regarding Cow Harbor Day Sidewalk Sales can be forwarded to Nora Nolan, Sidewalk Sales Chairperson at sidewalksales@cowharbor.org.

Thank you.

Cow Harbor Day Committee