Northport Village Park Non-Profit Vendors

Northport Village’s annual Great Cow Harbor Day and Parade is scheduled for Sunday of Cow Harbor Weekend from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. As a local, non-profit organization, we are inviting you once again to set up a table (which you must provide) in our Village Park to help promote your group and its activities.

Photo credit: Bruce Adams
Photo credit: Bruce Adams

As in the past, if you intend to sell any food items, you must obtain a Vendors Temporary Food Service Permit no later than August 31. You are responsible for obtaining any permits and following the proper procedures and guidelines. Please indicate (on the form below) if you intend to sell food during the event. The Health Department also insists that you display the “PUBLIC NOTICE: The Home Baked Goods…” disclaimer in a prominent place where it can easily be seen by the public. Please be sure to follow these directions as the Health Department has become very vigilant in its enforcement of local events.

Once we receive your application form and $20 fee, a map of the park will be e-mailed to you within one week of the event indicating where your group will be located and load-in instructions. Please return the form by August 31st.

Here’s to wishing you much success and sunny weather on the Cow Harbor Day!

Northport Village Park Non-Profit Registration Form


Cow Harbor Committee

Questions regarding Cow Harbor Day Non-Profit Vendors can be forwarded to Nora Nolan, Non-Profit Vendors Chairperson, at