Arts & Crafts Vendor Sales

Main Street businesses and local non-profits may still register under the tabs Sidewalk Sales or Non-Profit Vendors

Photo credit: Bruce Adams


These regulations, approved by the Northport Board of Trustees, must be strictly adhered to. Those who disregard these regulations may be made to cease outdoor selling, excluded from future participation and issued a summons by the Police. Only those artisans who are selling their own work, have registered, and paid the fee may participate.

  1. All sales/display tables must be in your designated space.
  2. Your area must be kept as clean as possible during the day and the display tables should be clean and free of unsightly items.
  3. Do not block entrances to the stores, apartments, alleyways, pathways, sidewalks or other right of ways.
  4. Do not overlap your neighbor’s selling space.
  5. If your neighbor appears suspicious, contact a Cow Harbor Committee member or the Northport Police at 261-7500.
  6. ALL SELLING MUST STOP AT 5 PM SHARP!!! Clean your area, bag all trash & place in dumpsters.

To participate as an Arts & Crafts vendor at Great Cow Harbor Day, you will need to register and submit a $100 ($200 after August 31st) registration fee.

Cow Harbor Committee

Any questions can be e-mailed to Nora Nolan, Arts and Crafts Vendors Chairperson at